Visible Spectrum 

The Visible Spectrum

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Eruption (Red)

Daybreak (Orange)

Summer Meadow (Yellow)

Emerald Mountain (Green)

ocean Calm (Blue)

Starry Night (Indigo)

Royal Procession (Violet)

Classic(al) Christmas Salad

The Eighth Wonder


Everyone has a favorite color.  Color can be reflected of absorbed.  Color has many tints and shades.  Color can alter a mood or heighten a sensation.  Whether it is the power of Red (Eruption), or the majesty of Violet (Royal Procession), you can experience the musical interpretation of color as perceived by Roby Deaton.  Each selection with bath you in the essence of the rainbow.  As a bonus, enjoy the appetiser of A Classic(al) Christmas Salad and the baroque complexity of The Eight Wonder...... pure exhileration!